Having an issue with your home boiler is something you don’t want to experience, especially during winter. When such problems occur, you may be worried about cowboy tradespeople that disappear halfway through the project, rip you off, or take forever to actually turn up and get started.

If these concerns resonate with you, and you are looking to find a reliable plumbing service, this guide is for you. While there is no such thing as a total guarantee, this guide will go a long way in helping you to avoid disappointing plumbing services.

Finding the right plumbing service

You have, broadly speaking, two types of service to choose from; specialists and generalists. Similar to a service such as a reliable locksmith, in plumbing, specialist expertise is the better option because of the depth or technical knowledge required. Having said that, there are services like ours that have specialist knowledge and expertise in several areas.

As a general rule, ensure that the plumbing service you choose:

  1. Belongs to a reputable trade association: Most associations list their endorsed members on their websites. If not, give the association a call.
  2. Has verifiable references: Ask friends, family, colleagues or contact people referred in company testimonials if possible.

Ask the company to show you work they’ve done previously.

  1. Has the right qualifications/certifications: They must be a registered member of the Gas Safe Register. Ask for proof of this and other certifications and licenses.
  2. Provides warranties for every service they deliver: Please read the terms of the warranty carefully. Rogue plumbing services always include clauses that reduce their liability.

Generally, associations and endorsing bodies check addresses, contact details and technical ability.

In plumbing, experience matters, but a solid poof of knowledge and accreditation can be very reassuring.

Getting the most out of the service

  • Prices: This is often a problem area. Even if it’s an emergency, try as much as possible to obtain a quote first before any work is started. Where an accurate quote is not possible due to an incomplete survey, insist on an estimate. All quotes and estimates must be written and binding.
  • Details: If you don’t want to have issues about who is responsible for what, then be detailed in your requirements. Write down exactly what you want fixed and what results you expect from the repair or installation. Where necessary, use diagrams.

Plumbing experts should be able to justify the recommendations they make. It’s best to use experts that are forthcoming with details, recommendations and advice. Any plumbing service that treats the details as trade secrets may have something to hide.

  • Compare: Obtain quotes/estimates from a few services. Look for quotes that are clear and easy to understand. Don’t discard the most expensive ones, and just go for the cheapest. Find out why they are pricey and whether other companies are missing/hiding something.

Finally, do not make complete payment in advance. If a deposit is needed to secure materials, then this should be a fair percentage of the total cost.

Don’t be another victim of rogue trades people. Take your time to research and find the right plumber in Richmond and Twickenham.