Frank Finn Plumbing LTD New Boiler Installation Services in the Richmond and Twickenham Areas

Frank Finn Plumbing LTD has been carrying out new boiler installations the Richmond and Twickenham area, as well as serving the rest of London for several years. We provide our customers with high-quality, prompt, and reliable South London heating services. Our team consists of expert plumbers, heating engineers, and technicians. We can help you with boiler replacement, new boiler installation projects, boiler servicing and repairing, and renovations of multiple boiler units.


Why Choose Frank Finn Plumbing LTD For New Boiler Installation Projects?


Although the majority of our customers live in Twickenham and Richmond, our South London heating services cover a wide range of locations. Our highly qualified staff has vast experience in providing quality services. Your safety is our utmost priority and we strictly follow the highest industry standards to ensure that you can live with absolute peace of mind. Our clients trust our new boiler installation and refurbishing services, and we don’t take that trust for granted. We understand boiler replacement is never a priority for our customers and so we only suggest a replacement if it is absolutely necessary, and fixing and renovation will not do.

There are several qualities that we believe set us apart from our rivals.

  • We have years of experience perfecting our boiler installation service in Richmond and Twickenham
  • We are gas safe registered central heating installers, which is proof that our services are safe and legal.
  • We train our professional, friendly staff on soft skills as well as the technical aspects of the job
  • Our consultative approach to boiler installation projects means you get the solutions you need
  • We have fantastic industry relationships, so we can source and supply boilers at industry leading prices.

Types of Boilers We Install

You can choose from the following three types of boilers:

Combi Boilers: These are quicker, cheaper and easier to fit than other boilers. They provide hot water for both taps and central heating without a storage cylinder. This boiler installation is suitable for small homes and families. You may experience poor flow if multiple outlets are being used simultaneously with smaller combi boilers. We can help you get the right combi boiler for your property.

System Boilers: These work on the principle of storing hot water in a cylinder and are ideal for bigger homes. They provide hot water instantly with better pressure, but also take more space.

Regular/Conventional Boilers: These are most suitable for homes with open-vented heating systems. They store hot water in a separate cylinder. Hot water is supplied instantly with good pressure of flow but they are generally a higher priced solution.

Explaining our New Boiler Installation Process

Before you hire someone to install a boiler, it is good for you to understand the process.

The process we follow when clients hire our boiler installation Richmond experts is as follows:

  • The first step is determining the size of the boiler that can meet your heating requirements. An over-sized boiler is inefficient. A boiler without the required load capacity will mean cold water and a poorly heated property. We choose the right size of boiler for your home or business so that you can have efficient heating bills, while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home
  • We find out about the heating controls you would like to have and give you the best advice to suit your budget. Boilers these days come with nifty apps to put your boiler under your control from your smartphone or tablet.
  • We lay down protection for your flooring to avoid any damage.
  • After installing the new boiler, we check for leaks with the help of a compressor.
  • We make sure that your boiler is working properly and explain how to use the boiler thermostat. We will answer any queries that you have and will not leave until you are completely satisfied.
  • Finally, we register you for the minimum 5-year warranty for your new boiler installation in Richmond and Twickenham.

Contact Us for Value for money, Efficient Boiler Installations:

If you are looking for a friendly, reliable and professional Boiler Installation Company in the Richmond and Twickenham area, give us a call now and let us take care of your gas boiler installation needs.

Give us a call now and let us take care of your gas boiler installation needs.