Frank Finn Plumbing - Annual Boiler Servicing

Are you looking for a company that can take care of your annual boiler services in the Richmond, Twickenham or greater London areas? Then you have landed in the right place! Our Richmond plumbing and heating experts are always happy to help.

Getting your boiler serviced every year is very important in order to keep the system well-maintained. It not only ensures your safety but will also save you future costs of piled up repairs, and your appliance not performing efficiently and costing more than it should to run. Annual boiler servicing will ensure that your entire system is working efficiently, and will help you identify when your boiler needs fixed, and even replaced.


In addition to safety and performance, you may need to get your boiler serviced in order to ensure that your home or business insurance is valid.

The Invisible Killer- Carbon Monoxide


A faulty boiler may start leaking carbon monoxide. This is poisonous, colourless and odourless gas, so having a leakage could put your entire family health at risk. To avoid all this trouble caused by this invisible killer it is important to get your boiler serviced by a competent company at least once a year

At Frank Finn, we have highly qualified and experienced engineers who are Gas Safe Registered. This means that our service is safe, reliable and legal. Before you let our expert Richmond plumbing and heating team in, you can ask them for their Gas Safe Id and rest assured that your boiler is in safe hands.

Why Choose Us For Your Boiler Service South London Needs?

Our experts install and service a vast number of boilers and heating units every year. Hiring us ensures complete peace of mind for our customers. Our boiler services are trusted. You only have to look at our Which? Trusted Trader profile to see that.

There are a number boiler servicing London specialists, but we believe no others have the experience, expertise, and customer-centred approach that we have.

Here are some of our highlights…

  •  Our experience in the heating and plumbing department spans decades
  •  We are a gas safe registered boiler service provider
  •  Our Richmond plumbing and heating engineers are highly trained
  •  We make sure that we carry out our job at your convenience, to fit your schedule

Annual Boiler Servicing Process at Frank Finn

Before you hire Frank Finn, it is important that you are aware of our annual boiler servicing process so that you know what to expect. The entire process is explained below for the convenience of our customers.

  1. Our engineers at Frank Finn will use protective sheets and shoes to protect your floors or carpets during the service
  2. We then begin our visual check to ensure that that the boiler, its pipework and the flue are positioned and installed correctly. We examine the boiler both internally and externally. We check if the boiler is operating as expected and that it is getting ventilated properly.
  3. Our team will then remove the boiler casing to take a look at things at a deeper level. This step is carried out to ensure your safety and to check the boiler’s efficiency. In this step, Frank Finn’s engineers will inspect your boiler to see if
  • Gas pressure and flow is right
  • The boiler is burning the correct amount of gas and air. A flue gas analyzer may be used for this purpose.
  • Fans are working appropriately
  • All electrical connections and electrodes are in good condition
  • No seals are damaged
  • The pipework is not blocked or leaking
  1. Our engineers will then carry out a number of safety checks to ensure that everything is working in accordance with GSIUR 1998 standards.
  2. If they find something is not working smoothly or some gas safety requirement is not being fulfilled, they will inform you and suggest the required repairs or replacements. If they have repaired or replaced any component of the boiler, they will inform you about it and also explain why it had to be done.

Our experts at Frank Finn will normally get your annual boiler service done in about an hour or so. To make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service we ask you for your feedback and ask you to sign a report card. The information regarding the service will be entered in the service record, and will be required if you need a repair visit during the warranty period. We will also provide you with your gas safety certificate.

If you are searching for boiler service South London professionals, contact Frank Finn now.