What is a Vaillant boiler?

We at Frank Finn Plumbing are certified Vaillant boiler experts based in Kingston-upon-Thames. Our knowledgeable engineers always vouch for Vaillant boilers when a replacement boiler is needed. This is because the market leading Vaillant brand has some of the better boilers money can buy. Asides from being efficiently built, Vaillant systems come with a 7-year warranty. In the UK, especially in Kingston-upon-Thames, Combi boilers are the most common boiler model.

This is because installation consumes very little space and it doesnít require a storage tank or a hot water cylinder attachment. This is because installation consumes very little space and it doesnít require a storage tank or a hot water cylinder attachment. Itís the best choice for buildings that require constant hot water, especially homeowners whoíd rather not rely on stored water in hot water cylinders. The Vaillant boiler, when put in place, assures the comfort and safety of your home.

In terms of energy costs, they save you a great deal on utility costs compared to lesser models, because of their excellent efficiency.


To get the Vaillant boiler that is best suited to the hot water and central heating needs of your home, contact us at Frank Finn, certified Vaillant experts in Kingston-upon-Thames on 0208 408 0743.

How do you know your boiler needs help?

Here are common error codes your Vaillant boiler may display:


Code F27: This means a condensate pipe is frozen.

Code F22: This points out a popular boiler fault – low water pressure.

Code F75: This means the pump is functional but the boilerís sensor canít identify this. This is usually seen in older boilers that have never undergone a flushing or have had magnetic filters fixed.

Code F28: This is seen when thereís no gas supplied to the boiler, or thereís a faulty ignition.

Code F29: This means an extinguished boiler flame.

Odd noises coming from your boiler

Unusual noises coming from your boiler – More often than not, this is caused by air in the boiler system.

Issues with thermostat

Thermostat problems – it’s better to get a new thermostat when the boiler’s thermostat starts intermittently switching the heating off and on or gives inaccurate readings.

Boiler keeps turning off

Boiler keeps switching off – Poor water circulation due to a blocked valve, air in the system, or a thermostat fault, or the system’s pump is faulty can all be causes for this.

Radiator not getting hot

Radiator not hot enough – Radiator not getting hot enough or only its bottom section heating up can be caused by an accumulation of sludge or air in the system, or an uneven distribution of heat.

No heat or hot water

Shortage of hot water or no heating – can be due to a faulty thermostat or motorised valve, a broken diaphragm or airlock, a broken valve or poor water level.

Boiler leakages

Leakages from the boiler – Do not attempt fixing a leaking gas boiler yourself unless you’re appropriately qualified, instead, summon a Gas Safe registered engineer to check on your leakage.

Blown out pilot light

Pilot light off – Can be due to a broken thermocouple that’s halting gas supply to the boiler, or there’s simply no gas supply into your building. A blown out pilot light or accumulated dirt in the pilot light compartment are also possible causes.

Falling pressure

Dropping pressure – If your pressure gauge shows “below 1”, there might be an issue caused by reasons ranging from; a water leak in the system, pressure relief valve needing replacing or radiators being recently bled.

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How can you get your Vaillant boiler repaired?

Fixing your boiler on your own is rife with risks. For your safety, please call a professional Gas Safe engineer from Frank Finn for your Vaillant boiler repairs in Kingston-upon-Thames.

We also provide top quality maintenance services for your boiler. Boiler maintenance is highly recommended, and we suggest it should be done at least once a year to keep your boiler always functioning and safe.


Our engineers will also check and if your boiler needs important components replaced by;

  • Carrying out the bleeding of the radiator.
  • Power flushing the boiler system’s radiators to get rid of all sludge.
  • Radiators that aren’t heating up will get faulty or broken valves replaced.
  • We also perform balancing and fine-tuning of radiators in larger homes.
  • We are also available to perform the following necessary safety checks on your boiler
  • We’ll make sure fans are running fine.
  • We’ll ensure no seals have been broken.
  • Using a flue gas analyser (where necessary), we’ll ensure your boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air.
  • We’ll ensure all electrical connections are in the proper order and in good working condition.
  • Check all electrodes and ensure they are properly working.
  • Make sure the condensate trap and pipe has a free flow.
  • Checking the integrity of all safety devices is also an important part of our assessment.

Who do I talk to if I want a Vaillant boiler installed?

Not knowing what boiler will be best for you and your family’s needs can make it difficult to decide what model to upgrade to or what model should be installed to replace your broken boiler.

Over the past few years, we at Frank Finn have worked with the widely diversified range of Vaillant boilers and have come to know them inside-out.

Because of this accumulated knowledge and expertise, you should contact us at Frank Finn Plumbing on 0208 408 0743 and trust us for your Vaillant boiler installation in Kingston-upon-Thames

We have highly trained and certified plumbing engineers who will deliver an efficient and quality service that’ll satisfy your boiler installation needs any time it’s required.

If you want to get your boiler serviced by a company that does the job the right way, contact Frank Finn now.