What we offer at Frank Finn Plumbing ltd

Are you looking for a heating installation company? Are you searching for quality, service, and value for money?

At Frank Finn, our job is to heat up your homes and offices. We fix, install, and maintain heating systems. If you need to install a new heating system, or you want to switch out your old system with a modern and more energy efficient one, we are here to give you expert service and value for money. We guarantee that all heating installations carried out are done to a high standard. Our customers can bank on our integrity and reliability. We have provided these services to residents of the Richmond, Twickenham & London areas for almost a decade, and have a large bank of happy customers, many of who have written testimonials that you can review.

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Frank Finn Plumbing Personnel

Our Gas-Safe/CORGI engineers are detail-oriented and make sure that all installations fit your specific heating needs. They are fully qualified and duly registered to install as well as maintain all types of central heating systems, and they are the only ones we deploy for heating installations. They will answer any questions you have during the initial consultation process and the actual installation process.

The Frank Finn, Twickenham Heating Installation Specialists

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In Twickenham and surrounding areas, we have installed many different types of heating and plumbing systems, ranging from solar to combination systems. We design and install some of best systems in the country, from systems that have to get six showers working at the same time to families that just want to be able to use the showers and heat their home.

We specialize in unvented systems as we consider them to be the best system for a modern home. They work particularly well if you have more than two bathrooms in a house and cut out the problem of pump noise.

The Frank Finn Recommendation

We recommend Vaillant central heating systems as they represent the best of reliable German engineering and come with a seven-year guarantee. Valliant keeps the parts of their central heating systems for years after they finish production of a central heating system so you won’t be caught out by having to change the boiler because you can’t find parts for it. They are also rated Which Best Buy” “A” boilers.

Heating Installation Services offered by Frank Finn Plumbing

Our central heating installation services include:

  • Gas Central Heating Replacement: We switch out your old central heating system for a more modern one with better energy efficiency.
  • Combi Boiler Installation: The most common type of central heating systems we install. It only heats water when you turn on the hot water tap, so they are more economical and are easier to use.
  • New Boiler Five-Year Guarantee: The central heating systems we install are of a very high standard and come with a five-year guarantee.
  • Gas Safe Central Heating Installations: Our Gas Safe registered engineers will establish your needs and find you a system that matches those needs. Upon installation, they will leave you with the relevant information/maintenance guides and packs. Our after-sales service is also one of the best in the business.

We are experienced, source great value hardware, and are fully insured.

Contact us today for a free quote for the installation of a central heating system in Twickenham, Richmond or anywhere else in South West London!