Frank Finn Plumbing ltd Heating Maintenance

Is your home freezing cold because of a faulty boiler? Or are you spending more on energy bills than you think you should? Our Gas Safe engineers are fully equipped to deal with all sorts of breakdowns, including:

  • A leaking boiler or producing low pressure
  • Faulty convectors
  • Solar thermal water heating systems not functioning properly
  • A boiler making a banging noise or not igniting
  • A water heater not producing hot water
  • Central heating not firing up or leaking
  • Adding or replacing Thermostatic Radiator Valves

We are committed to functional heating systems that run efficiently; even when they are in constant use. We offer the full range of heating maintenance solutions in the Richmond, Twickenham & London areas for your home or business. We can make your home more energy efficient by fitting your radiators with Thermostatic Radiator Valves. This will ensure you save more money on energy bills while also enabling individual rooms with separate temperature controls.

Frank Finn Plumbing Limited offers qualified, experienced, comprehensive services for all your heating maintenance, from a simple boiler replacement, to annual heating services, maintaining systems for an entire housing estate or industrial estate. Our team of specialists will work together with you to meet all your planned, and unplanned, heating maintenance requirements.

Reasons to Engage Our Heating Maintenance Services in Richmond and Twickenham

We are tried and trusted for maintenance of both commercial and domestic heating systems in the Richmond and Twickenham areas. We are a Which? Trusted Trader, with many positive reviews.

Her are more great reasons to choose us:

  • Highly trained, highly skilled workforce
  • Responsive emergency boiler repair services
  • Value for money services and upfront quotations
  • Fully insured, with long warranties and guarantees
  • Some of the best after sales service in the industry

We have decades of experience maintaining and servicing heating appliances for residents and businesses in the Richmond and Twickenham areas.

Every bit of damage or small problem with your heating system counts. If you notice anything it is time to call us before the issue deteriorates to an extent that it is dangerous, and/or will cost a small fortune to put right.We will offer you the best advice and recommendations that we can. If you need a new heating system, we will tell you. I f you need to replace some parts, that is what we will advise. We will tell you how it is, and provide you with various options to choose from.


If you want us to service your heating system, or are looking for a regular heating maintenance company, then get in touch with the experts at Frank Finn today.