An un-serviced boiler will not only cost you more money and offer inefficient performance, it can also be hazardous to your health and safety.

At Frank Finn Twickenham, we install many Vaillant boilers for our customers every year. The first thing we do is visit your home for a preliminary assessment, and to determine what kind of boiler your home requires. We will consult with you and recommend a heating system that is suitable for your budget.

Nothing lasts forever, and it is inevitable that, at some point, boilers get to the end of their useful life. Normally, the need for a new boiler or central heating system comes as an emergency when a household is out of hot water, or the heating has stopped working. We understand the stress of the situation, and will always work to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Authorised Vaillant Boiler Experts in Twickenham

Everybody relies on the central heating systems throughout the winter months, so it can be a huge inconvenience to have a faulty boiler at that time. If we notice your system is beyond repair, we will advise a new installation. We will tell you how it how it is. If fixing the system is the best option, we will tell you. If the system is nearing its end of life, we will tell you. We will guide and advise you but the final decision will rest with you.

We tend to recommend Vaillant boilers for our clients in Twickenham because they are extremely reliable, and the hallmark of German engineering. They also come with a 7-year guarantee. The company keeps the parts too, so you won’t run into problems years later, when your model has been discontinued.

Our boiler installation services are carried out to suit your schedule so you don’t experience any inconvenience at your home or workplace. We work around you! What’s more, we are gas safe certified engineers.

Importance of maintaining your Vaillant Boilers

To avoid sudden problems with your boilers, it is essential that you perform at least annual maintenance and service checks.

Other advantages of Valliant maintenance are:

  • It extends the life span of your Valliant boiler
  • Optimises its fuel efficiency
  • Makes the boiler safer for your household
  • Minimises the risk of breakdown and emergency call outs.

Frank Finn also performs boiler servicing for properties of landlords and agents.

As Gas Safe certified engineers, we perform inspections on boilers including:

  • Checking the appliance for gas tightness
  • Performing check-ups on working pressure
  • Checking gas rates against the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Testing fuel flow to remove constituents of combustion

Beware, failure to produce authentic gas safety certificates can lead to prosecution or property insurance invalidation.

Other Services

Besides Vaillant boiler installation and repair, we install underfloor heating and repair radiator problems. We provide a comprehensive suite of plumbing installation and maintenance services.

Why Choose Frank Finn for your Vaillant Bolier Services in Twickenham?

  • Vaillant Boiler and Gas Safe Certified

Our company is not only Gas Safe certified; we are authorised to install and maintain Vaillant Boilers in Twickenham. Our years of experience places us in a position of knowledge, and makes us a leading authority to resolve your issues.

  • Quality Maintenance Services

We are renowned for the quality of service we offer. This has earned us an approval from Which? Trusted Traders; the UK’s nationally acclaimed standard for plumbing excellence.

  • Affordable Rates

Our services are reasonably priced and we give free maintenance advice for new installations. You will find it hard to find a better value Valliant boiler company.

  • Rapid Response Service

We believe we are your best for emergency situations, because we respond immediately when you ring us for help. We are normally at your door within an hour.

Get your Vaillant Boiler installed without hassle, call us today on 0208 408 0743.