The installation engineer has gone, and you are now the proud owner of a brand new Vaillant boiler. Right now is the perfect time to go through our ultimate guide on how to operate your new boiler so you can enjoy this highly prized purchase for years to come.

Rest assured operating a boiler is easier than you probably imagined. So whether you’re looking to become that helpful person the neighbours call on when they need to figure out their boiler, or you just want to have your heating system successfully spit out some hot water for your daily shower, here are things to check or do immediately to get you started on proper boiler operations.

Consult the manual that came with the boiler. It is there for a reason

Most people I know just fling whatever instructional materials provided out the metaphorical window. Before you ask, no I do not do that. I actually enjoy reading those things, identifying the various components and following the step by step instructions, and you should too. If you get in the habit, it will reduce your stress by 100%, and reduce the chances of accidentally scalding yourself on those days when you are in a rush. Need I say more?

Furthermore, keep a personal record of usage in a boiler log. A boiler log would be handy for when you need to find out whether your Vaillant boiler is getting the attention it needs for continued efficient operations. Also, if any changes occur, you can consult the boiler log to detect changes which may otherwise go unnoticed.

Follow the proper start-up procedure for your boiler

While your Vaillant boiler model might vary. The basic start-up process remains the same. Follow these steps to get your boiler up and steaming.

Typical Boiler Operation Procedure

  1. Your boiler should already be switched on before you begin
  2. Using the controls on the front, adjust the heating to your desired temperature
  3. The hot water temperature set light should be flashing on the display
  4. Confirm your selected temperature by pressing the required button
  5. It is advised that your hot water temperature not exceed 43 degrees
  6. Use the on/off switch to temporarily shut down the boiler
  7. When it is switched off, the display turns off
  8. Don’t leave your home without heating for more than 2 days to avoid frozen pipes in the winter. The heating system should be programmed to operate for an hour each day.

A final tip: create a boiler maintenance checklist. Your boiler installer can advise you on things you need to do or look out for on a monthly or yearly basis. Doing so will extend the life of your Vaillant boiler, saving you tons of money over time. Saving money is always a welcome idea.

Finally, if you notice your boiler is faulty or not functioning as expected, please contact the manufacturer.