Why Should You Choose Underfloor Heating?

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Underfloor heating systems ensure that the entire room warms up uniformly, and means no more cold floors. They are hidden out of sight, totally silent, and take no space – unlike traditional radiators or other forms of heating. They come in a variety of designs and can be adapted to any home easily and efficiently- with minimal fuss.

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What Are The Main Benefits of Installing Underfloor Heating?

There are several reasons why you should choose underfloor heating over traditional heating methods. Some of the benefits include:

Saving space – Since an underfloor heating system doesn’t involve any visible components, you are left with the entire room to live in. Eliminate bulky radiators or fireplaces today!

The comfort – Imagine walking into the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of winter to toasty warm floors. Since the heating mechanism is placed under the entire room, you can eliminate cold spots, and ensure that your entire house is warmed efficiently.

It is controllable – Since underfloor heating is independently installed in every room, you can easily control the temperature in each room using a thermostat. This means that you can set certain areas of your home to different temperatures, or that you can turn off heating completely in some parts of the home.

The ease of maintenance – Since underfloor heating systems are designed without any joins under the floor, they are extremely easy to maintain and repair if problems arise. All of the pipes and cables involved with the system return directly to the main manifold where they are all readily accessible.

Cost – Underfloor heating systems are usually much cheaper to run than conventional radiator systems. They can cost anywhere from 15% to 40% less.

Hygiene – Underfloor heating is an extremely good option for asthma sufferers or for anyone else with respiratory problems. It keeps the moisture content low, which means that dust mites find it very difficult to establish a presence in the home.

Underfloor Heating Installation:

Our experienced team offers a range of underfloor heating options.

  • Our low profile option can be laid over any existing floors, eliminating the need to remove old floors.
  • Aluminium plate heating can be used under floating floors, and is installed between the joists.
  • Regular underfloor heating is laid out on insulated boards before it is screed over to ensure the best results for your home.

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