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We charge all small jobs at an hourly rate, like fixing a leaking tap or boiler breakdowns. If it is a larger job we will happily give you a price for the job.

We have a minimum charge of one hour then priced competitively at 15 minute intervals.

Hourly Rate

£90Per Hour Plus VAT

Boiler Services

At Frank Finn Plumbing & Heating based in Twickenham, London, Annual servicing and safety checking are vital to the continued safe, economical and effective operation of your gas boiler and heating and hot water system, so we offer a text reminder service to help you remember to book your service.

Our engineers work to our comprehensive servicing check-list, ensuring your annual service is carried out to the highest standards. The service is composed of three sections.

1. Preliminary checks

This section includes a thorough visual inspection of the system and flue, as well as checks for adequate ventilation and for any signs of possible leaks.

2. Boiler checks and testing

The engineer dismantles the boiler and checks its internal components for signs of wear or damage. Having reassembled it, the engineer tests the boiler in operation.

3. Wider system checks

The radiators and their valves are checked for any signs of corrosion or leaks. The flue performance is measured, gas supply checked and the system programmer set to your requirements.

Should any further works be required, the engineer will quote for them and book a return visit to carry them out, before leaving.


£90Plus VAT

Gas Safety

During a gas safety check we will:

  • Check appliance for gas tightness
  • Check standing and working pressure if test points available
  • Check burner pressure / gas rate against manufacturers data plate
  • Check for satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation
  • Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion
  • Check satisfactory operation of all the flame failure devices
  • Check for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets (where appropriate)
  • Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to a responsible person

For a Landlords Safety Inspection a tightness test of the full system should be added to the above.

Failure to produce valid gas safety certificates (CP 12) can result in prosecution, and can also invalidate your property insurance, which in turn means you may be liable for potentially expensive civil claims. The landlord is responsible for this aspect of their tenants’ safety, and if non-compliance were to lead to a death from carbon monoxide poisoning, the landlord could be charged with manslaughter.

Gas Safety

£80Plus VAT (For 2 Items)
£25 Plus VAT per additional appliance.

System Design

If you’re getting your house renovated, then we can come around and do an assessment of your plumbing needs. We will specify the materials needed, like what boiler and the BTU outputs needed for each room so you can pick your radiators with peace of mind, knowing that they will be the right size to keep you cosy in your home. We will go though the hot water requirements for the house. If needed, we will take a flow rate and a pressure test and we will talk to you about your different options that will suit your family and your budget. We will then give you a folder that you can send on to your builders so they are all pricing for the same work. After you are finished the build, we can even come back and check the work that you have had done.

System Design

£150Plus VAT