Underfloor Heating Installations

The British winter is long. It’s not always easy to keep the home warm in the colder months from October through to April. While there are a number of heating options available, you may want to consider underfloor heating because of its energy-efficiency and the top-level comfort it offers.

At Frank Finn heating in Twickenham and Richmond, we have installed quality underfloor heating for many clients and helped them maintain it for years. Our experts can advise you on the best underfloor heating solutions for your living space; then turn the dream into a reality.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Radiant Heating vs Traditional Heating

Underfloor heating is often referred to as radiant heating. To understand the concept, imagine you are outdoors in Twickenham and Richmond on a cold clear afternoon. The ground is frozen beneath, and when the sun comes out, it hits your face, warming you instantly- despite the cool temperature around.

Why? Because the sun’s radiant heat warms things around (like you) before it does the air. You can stay warm while the air is cool and fresh. This is the same principle behind underfloor heating.

  • Radiant Heating: Centuries of proven efficiency

This heating method was first practiced by the early Romans over 2000 years ago. It focused on gently heating a large floor surface with the purpose of warming the objects around. With time and advancement in technology, the process has been mastered. Heating a large surface area at moderate temperatures from 21 – 25⁰C/70 -77⁰C produces comfortable and efficient heating for your Twickenham and Richmond home.

  • Healthier Environment

Underfloor heating minimises the risk of asthma and allergy triggers due to the fact it reduces air circulation of allergens.

  • Cost effective

You can easily regulate the temperature to suit your particular requirements. It also uses little heat to warm a large surface area, making it energy-efficient.

  • Warm Floors

The feet are vulnerable to cold, and having warm floors makes it a lot more comfortable. What’s more, you can place practical floor-covering over them without worrying about feeling cold.

  • Space Saving

Traditional heating units, such as bulky radiators, tend to take up a fair amount of space. With underfloor heating, you have more space to use in your room.

Other Heating Services in Richmond and Twickenham

Installing underfloor heating isn’t the only service we offer. We also install and repair Valliant boiler units, offer boiler servicing and maintenance, and provide heating maintenance and radiator repairs. If you have any problems with your plumbing, we are the experts to call too. In short, we offer a full range of plumbing and heating services to the Richmond and Twickenham areas.

Why Choose Frank Finn for Your Heating Solutions in Richmond and Twickenham?

  • Gas Safe Professional Technicians

We are highly trained and qualified to handle your plumbing and heating issues. We follow “Safety First” practices and ensure your home is safe.

  • Quality Underfloor Heating Service

We believe that our underfloor heating services are industry leading, because we are experienced and use the most effective tools, best practice methods and first class systems.

  • Affordable

We charge affordable rates. There are no hidden costs and customers get free maintenance consultations. We always strive to offer the best value underfloor heating service in the area.

For efficient, effective, great value underfloor heating systems, call us today on 0208 408 0743.