The Vaillant brand is a German company that has been in the heating business for over 135 years. Today, the company is present in the UK, and over 80 other countries.

Vaillant has four ranges of combi boilers that provide heating and quick hot water to homes. The range begins with the basic ecoTEC Pro which is best suited for smaller households. The ecoTEC comes with three power levels – the less hot water taps you have, the lower the power you will need and vice versa.

Valliant Combi Boilers

ecoTEC exclusive Green

  • Offers a wide modulation with range reaching 1:10
  • Extra-condensing heat exchanger
  • Flow rate up to 17.8 l/min
  • Standard warranty- 5 years

ecoTEC plus combination boiler

Comes with outputs of 25, 32, 35 and 38Kw

  • Quiet Mark awarded by Which? Best Buy
  • User friendly
  • LPG models (for off gas areas)
  • ErP rated A
  • Standard warranty- 5 years (option of 10 years if registered by an Advance installer)

ecoTEC plus combination 938

This is a designed for bigger homes

  • For high volume hot water demand- no need to install a hot water tank or cylinder
  • Endorsed for Quiet Mark
  • Standard warranty- 5 years (option of 10 years if registered by an Advance installer)

ecoTEC pro combination boilers

24, 28, 30Kw range

  • Extended guarantees are available if installed by an Vaillant Advance partner
  • LPG models (for off gas areas)
  • Has a wide selection of compatible Vaillant controls
  • ErP rated A
  • Compact size for flexibility

What is the cost of a Vaillant boiler?

The cost of Vaillant boilers ranges from £740 to £1,500 depending on the model and size.

Choosing an ideal Vaillant Boiler

Vaillant boilers are sold with a 5-year parts and labour warranty. However, ensure you service the boiler after the first 12 months to be eligible for the subsequent warranties. Also, make sure you register the guarantee card within 30 days from the date of installation.

According to Vaillant, there are over 200 Gas Safe endorsed engineers trained to service and fix Vaillant boilers.

Maintaining your boilers for longevity

Your boiler is a crucial part of your home, responsible for supplying central heating and hot water. It is essential to maintain your boiler by having it serviced regularly. This helps to avert any unwanted interruption to your daily routine.

When you regularly service your boiler, it goes a long way to ensuring it will work efficiently throughout the year. New boilers are usually more efficient than others. Therefore it is important you keep them that way. A poorly performing boiler will eventually cost you a lot in fuel bills. By servicing your boiler regularly, you keep it functioning at peak performance.

Periodic maintenance doesn’t just keep your boiler in ship shape condition, it also ensures it is safe. There are a number of household accidents in the UK as a result of faulty boilers. You want to avoid any mishaps in your home.

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